Scales of the Damned


The Characters So Far!

Leiland Issian – A human noble of no small heritage. Hailing from the city of Brevoy, he tired of the constant back-room dealings, outright lies and terrible secrets of his family. Armed with only his trusted scimitar and the chain armor on his back, Leiland set out to not necessarily make a name for himself, but to prove there was more to life than politics. Despite having grown up among such poisonous villains, Leiland is actually quite skilled with a sword, and can use it to deadly effect whenever the need arises. He is unsure what it means to truly take a life, because even though he has had to deal with and slay other humans, Leiland refuses to address the situation. The fact that he seems to think he’s gotten away from his birthright scott-free might be his undoing..

Monori Athdrenai Velnarae Melathoril – An elven ranger who has lived five of Leiland’s lifetimes, Monori is the counter-balance to Leiland’s youthful, fiery inquisitiveness. Sometimes, however, the fires of adventuring stoke within her once again, and she becomes as bad as Leiland. Being only 100 years old, Monori is considered a youngling among other elves, but few have lived through what she has. Her homeland was entirely destroyed by a combined force of Gnolls, Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins the likes of which have not been seen since that fateful day. Monori harbors a special hate for the Gnolls, who were sent in first into the unexpecting outlying towns. The cannibalism and slaughter were on a level no being should witness. This hatred of the monstrous races is a big weakness for Monori, and in time, it may consume her..

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